In the era of digital transformation, every company must become a technology company.
Your customers expect innovative, digital experiences and services delivered where they want them, when they want them. We help companies harness-not run from - digital disruption. As experts in Programing, custom software development, mobile app development, and human-centric design, the Kiniuns team helps businesses become future-ready.


    Digital Innovation should always be paired with captivating design


    Enterprise-grade security should be built from the start – every time


    Business Acceleration is fueled by digital and requires data intelligence




Customer Experience

An intense focus on customer experience is the surest path to business success. Using a combination of low-tech and high-tech methods, we uncover deep insights about your customers. Armed with a clear understand of their needs, we help our clients create engaging,

compelling experiences that drive loyalty and retention.

True Partnerships Produce Transformational Results

We operate with a "one team" mindset Working closely with our clients in an agile manner Relentlessly focused on delivering results


We’ve assembled a team of designers, researchers, engineers, and futurists who can transform your idea into a transformative digital product.

In our digital economy, speed-to-market is critical. Savvy businesses want to transform their great idea into a digital product in record time. But funneling resources into digital product creation under ambitious deadlines can seem risky.
Kiniuns’ customer experience and service design experts will help you understand market opportunities, uncover customers’ true motivations, and validate your product direction—before you make a major investment.

We specialize in human-centric and cognitive design – the neuroscience behind user experience. Drawing from our expertise in service design and design thinking, we create customer experiences that drive adoption and loyalty.
Our highly trained experts are skilled in designing new products as well as redesigning existing ones. With a strong track record of transforming legacy products into high-performing modern applications, our team gives your product the competitive edge it needs to excel in the market.

DaVinci didn’t create the Mona Lisa with an exact vision of the final product in mind. He created several iterations and ended up with a mastepiece. Our Agile development process takes the same approach: a continuous cycle of build, measure, learn, improve. We work as part of your team to maximize efficiency, minimize surprises, and increase speed to market.
This approach allows us to build functional, scalable front-end and back-end systems. Our developers stay ahead of emerging technologies. Whether you want us to drive the development process entirely, or you need to augment your in-house development capabilities, Kiniun can bring your product to life.

The Kiniuns' team continues to support your product well after launch. We ensures stable, secure releases and feature updates. Our 24x7 support team delivers guaranteed system uptime and application health.
Kiniun gives you faster app delivery and powerful app performance through continuous monitoring, performance gauges, and system integration. In short, we combine speed with functionality to deliver a seamless experience for your customers.

Kiniun is committed to continuous security. We embed security at every step of the digital services lifecycle. Product design and architecture are improved to address security and compliance demands. Secure development practices increase code quality. Automated regression testing, static code analysis, and vulnerability scanning allows for continuous security and improvement through development and maintenance. Our security center of excellence has unparalleled experience assessing security risk and designing secure software solutions for multiple businesses and startups.

Client speak

We are Awesome but
Don't take our words for it

  • Since having our new website built by KINIUN, we have seen a 200% increase in the number of online contact forms being filled out and returned to us. Rameez and his team worked closely with us to provide a site that met all of the criteria that we were looking for. The end result was a website that is attractive, organized and effective. Thanks to KINIUN for all of your hard work and support!

  • I am really impressed by the quality of services I received from KINIUN. You were right on schedule, charged reasonable prices, were professional and courteous in dealings, and delivered items well before time. I have got a good e-commerce site for my products. My revenue has increased because of KINIUN and I will definitely use their services again.

  • KINIUN helped us to design an app and working with them was a very positive experience. We would recommend them!

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